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# hlp ## This is a fork of version What shows hlp ___? You've been there... ``` ls -h //human-readable ls --help // Aufruf: ls [OPTION]... [DATEI]... ``` There's no standard. ``` sed -h OR sed --help ONLY less -help ``` `hlp` is a simple, easily updateable script that links to the help attribute. ## Installation Download, put in your path. for instance /usr/local/bin/ ## Info Current version: v0.02 Recognized tools: 3 ## Contribute [Contribution guidelines]( ## FAQ Q: Couldn't you just run all the different variations on an unknown command and see which one works? A: Yes. But running various random commands on somoene else's computer and seeing what happens is not a best practice. --- Q: What operating systems does this work on? A: It should work on any \*nix based system. It's been pretty thoroughly tested on versions of Linux and Macos. There will be some differences across platforms though. See the questions below.